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Flight 93

United Airlines Flight 93 was the plane that that crashed in Somerset, Pennsylvania on September 11th, 2001. Flight 93, with 38 passengers and a flight crew of five flight attendants and two pilots was a 757-200 on a scheduled flight from Newark to San Francisco. It took off at 8:42 AM, 41 minutes after its scheduled departure time. Flight 93 flew about as far as Cleveland Ohio before turning around and flying in the direction of the capital.

Flight 93's Phone Calls

Flight 93 was unique among the four flights commandeered on 9/11/01 in the number of cell phone calls allegedly made from it. News reports document the receipt of phone calls from at least 13 passengers on Flight 93. The reported cell phone calls were all short. In contrast, a reported call from passenger Todd Beamer lasted for 18 minutes. According to the account, Beamer attempted to call his wife in California on an airphone but instead ended up talking to Verizon supervisor Lisa Jefferson. Beamer related details about events on the plane, and concluded by describing the passenger revolt immortalized by the words, "Let's Roll".


According to the official story, Flight 93 crashed by flying into the ground near Somerset, Pennsylvania as a result of a struggle between passengers and the hijackers. However, eyewitness reports and widely scattered debris belie this account. The website flight93crash.com was created within weeks of the attack to "give and solicit information about what really happened over Pennsylvania regarding Flight 93".

e x c e r p t
title: How Did United Flight 93 Crash?
I have linked to local reports that have never been reported by the mainstream media. A one ton engine part survives a near vertical impact and is found far from the crash. Burning debris falling from the sky, clothing, books and human remains found miles away. An air traffic controller reports an F-16 "must have seen the whole thing". You can verify it by reading the original stories yourself. 95% of the accounts I've linked to have full witness names and reporters names.

Additional evidence of the shoot-down of Flight 93 is provided by an apparent slip-up by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in an interview aired December 24, 2004.

9-11 Research contains a run-down on the evidence that Flight 93 was shot down.

s u m m a r y
title: The Crash of Flight 93
author: Jim Hoffman
This page provides a summary, with sources, of several lines of evidence indicating that United Flight 93 experienced trauma in the air consistent with a shoot-down by a military persuit aricraft, including:
  • A far-flung debris field, with debris up to 8 miles from the crash crater
  • Eyewitness accounts of peculiar sounds, such as explosions, shortly before the crash
  • An apparent cover-up of this evidence involving the official pegging of the crash time three minutes earlier than the evidence supports

A campaign to deny the crash of Flight 93 gained momentum in 2006 with the promotion of a bizarre theory that the plane landed in Cleveland by the video Loose Change .


1. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in Baghdad with Task Force Baghdad, defenselink.mil, 12/23/04

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The flight path of Flight 93 according to the 9/11 Commission
Light debris descended in locations two and eight miles east of the primary crash site. It seems doubtful that debris could have drifted that far, even if Flight 93 experienced a decompression before crashing. It appears more likely that the jetliner had reversed direction and was flying west, away from Capitol, when it was hit by a missile or cannon fire from a pursuing jet.