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Holocaust Denial Versus 9/11 Truth

The association of challenges to the official myth of 9/11 with deniers of the Nazi Holocaust of Jews is one of the more potent weapons in the arsenal of the apologists for the official myth, although its use so far has been limited. In a column in Scientific American attacking the 9/11 "conspiracy theories" Michael Shermer states:

The mistaken belief that a handful of unexplained anomalies can undermine a well-established theory lies at the heart of all conspiratorial thinking (as well as creationism, Holocaust denial and the various crank theories of physics).

Following this, Shermer launches into a straw-man attack against 9-11 Research implying that the website embraces the same "conspiratorial thinking" as Holocaust denial, despite the fact that 9-11 Research does not endorse Holocaust denial or Holocaust revisionism, and avoids uncritically linking to websites that do. It is easy to find writers and websites that openly mix 9/11 skepticism with Holocaust denial or revisionism. Some of the more prominent ones are:

  • Christoper Bollyn, writer for The American Free Press
  • The American Free Press , part of a parent organization that includes the Hitler-praising Barnes Review
  • Eric Hufschmid, the author of influential books and videos about the 9/11 attack.
  • Public-Action.com , a site that highlights the Waco massacre, speculates about 9/11 conspiracies, and promotes neo-Nazi websites
  • Serendipity.li , a site with extensive links to AmericanFreePress.net and public-action.com

In January of 2007 CNN devoted a segment of Paula Zahn NOW to attacking all 9/11 'conspiracy theorists' as racists who assert that Jews were behind the attack.

Christopher Bollyn

Christopher Bollyn, writing for the American Free Press, was the source of numerous original stories on the 9/11 coverup. Bollyn -- whose prolific work suggests he is a hard-working reporter -- was the apparent source of numerous stories including:

Apparently because of his original reporting, Bollyn's work has been widely cited and copied. Unfortunately, this is also true of a number of hoaxes that Bollyn has promoted -- perhaps unknowingly.

The American Free Press

The fact that Bollyn is extensively sourced in 9/11 skeptics' literature, combined with the fact that his employer, the American Free Press, has neo-Nazi associations, gives defenders of the official 9/11 myth effective ammunition with which to attack their critics. Although publications of the American Free Press are generally free of racist, white-supremicist, or anti-Semitic content, its sister publication, The Barnes Review overtly promotes such ideologies. Consider the following facts.

The Barnes Review Praises Hitler as Deserving of the Nobel Prize.

The American Free Press and The Barnes Review Share the Same Address

The American Free Press and The Barnes Review Promote Each Other

Christopher Bollyn has been a Guest on David Duke's Show a Number of Times

The American Free Press was Founded by Right Wing Ideologue Willis Carto

The American Free Press was founded by Willis Carto, believed by some critics to be the leading exponent of anti-Semitism in the United States in the latter half of the 20th century. Carto, widely considered a white supremacist, was co-founder of the Institute for Historical Review, which has championed Holocaust revisionism and has been accused of being a neo-Nazi organization. Carto also founded The Barnes Review, and the Liberty Lobby, best known for publishing the now-defunct paper The Spotlight. Carto and other editors from The Spotlight went on to establish the American Free Press.

e x c e r p t
title: Liberty Lobby
authors: unknown
Liberty Lobby, however, remained under the control of Carto until the end. During the 1970s, as the old anti-Communism of the 1950s and 1960s fell out of favor, Carto redefined the public image of Liberty Lobby, increasingly taking on the public image of populist rather than conservative or right-wing. In 1975, Liberty Lobby began publishing a weekly newspaper called The Spotlight, which ran news and opinion articles with a very populist and anti-establishment slant on a variety of subjects, but gave little indication of being extreme-right or neo-Nazi. However, The Spotlight, critics charged, was intended as a subtle recruiting tool for the extreme right, using populist-sounding articles to attract people from all points on the political spectrum including liberals, moderates, and conservatives, and special-interest articles to attract people interested in such subjects as alternative medicine, while the newspaper subtly incorporated anti-Semitic and white racialist undertones in its articles, and carried advertisements in the classified section for openly neo-Nazi groups and books. The Spotlight for a while became the most widely-read periodical on the right in the United States, with circulation peaking around 200,000 in the early 1980s. While circulation experienced a steady drop after that, it continued to be published until Liberty Lobby's demise in 2001.
[emphasis added]

Eric Hufschmid

Eric Hufschmid was one of the first researchers of the 9/11 attack to come to prominence, with his 2002 book Painful Questions , and his 2003 video Painful Deceptions. Both of these highly original works pair the idea that the Twin Towers and WTC 7 were felled by controlled demolition with the idea that the Pentagon was hit by a small aircraft such as a Global Hawk drone rather than Flight 77. Neither the book nor the video betray Hufschmid as a Holocaust denier or racist -- positions he has since openly embraced or been accused of. However, less publicized writings of Hufschmid foreshadow these things, such as one with the punchline, 'Duh! The Jews!':

e x c e r p t
title: Who would put explosives in WTC? And why?
author: Eric Hufschmid
None of the books or movies about the Holocaust are serious; rather, they try to stimulate pity of Jews and hatred of Nazis. The Holocaust stories are attempts to manipulate, not educate.

The Jews are simply exploiting the suffering and death of their fellow Jews. The moment a Jew suffers or dies, the other Jews look for ways to exploit the situation. It reminds me of the way cockroaches immediately begin eating one another when one of them dies.

By 2006 Hufschmid was describing himself as a Holocaust denier. Several of his articles published in iamthewitness.com blame the 9/11 attack on Zionists and Jews. Hufschmid even describes The American Free Press , which apparently fired Christopher Bollyn, as connected to the Zionist "criminal network". In his more recent (and increasingly vitriolic) rants, Hufschmid consigns ever more people to the criminal network.


Public-Action.com was on the scene before 9/11/01 with its "Waco Holocaust Memorial". In late 2001 it published several articles seeding alternative theories about the 9/11 attack. Most notably, the 'bumble-planes' theory, the prototype 'plane-swapping' theory.

Because of their originality, Public-Action.com's 9/11 articles have been widely linked to. In 2003, after establishing itself as a prominent 9/11 site, Public-Action.com began featuring more overtly anti-Semitic content, proclaiming that the 9/11 attack was "The American Coup D'Etat for Jewish Supremacy."

Part of the main banner on Public-Action.com, since April 2003

A few of the Holocaust revision links on the front page of Public-Action.com


Serendipity.li established a reputation before 9/11/01 by challenging the offial story of the Oklahoma City Bombing the crash of Flight 800, and the Branch Davidian tragedy. Within two days of the 9/11 attack, Serendipity.li published Did the World Trade Center Collapse on Demand and subsequently expanded the story into its centerpiece article The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism. Although the analysis of the building collapses in this article is flawed, it notes some of the most basic features of the collapses indicating demolition. The article was widely copied and linked to on the web, and Serendipity became established as one of the most referenced 9/11 skeptics' websites.

Serendipity.li avoids making overtly racist statements, but it links extensively to sites like Public-Action.com and AmericanFreePress.net. Until 2/2/05, Serendipity featured an article Team Bush Betrays America as the final link of its The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism. The article identifies all Jews named in the text with yellow Star-of-David icons, with the word "Jude" in the center. Anyone familiar with the history of European Jewry will understand that this is a chilling reference to the persecution of Jews: Nazi Germany, and other nations before it, required Jews to wear patches (just like the icons in the article) so that they could be identified -- the first step in the implementation of Hitler's Final Solution.

Serendipity.li has a large section on Zonism. Although it contains many articles of reasoned criticism of radical Zionism, it is sprinkled with some blatantly racist articles. It lists the following collection of articles by Edgar J. Steele.


In the article 'In Defense of Anti-Semitism', Steele states:

Yes, jews do get persecuted. What gets overlooked is the reason. Kind of like focusing on the rights of the murderer and not his victim. No, not "kind of." That's exactly what it is. "Oy! Foist Egypt, den Germany, now here. Vhy are dey poisecuting us so?" Trust me, they know precisely why.
[ http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/columns/finland.htm ]

Serendipity.li features many articles by John Kaminski, who frequently writes about the 'Jewish-controlled media' and suggests that Israel was behind the 9/11 attack.


While Serendipity is more reserved in its promotion of anti-Semitism than American Free Press/Barnes Review or Public-Action.com, it is more strident in promoting nonsensical theories. Its section on 9/11 lists many sites that promote the missile pod theory, for example. Serendipity features a series of articles suggesting that the crashes of jetliners into the Twin Towers were faked.

Holocaust Denial and Israel

History is full of examples of genocides and ethnic cleansings. Some of the large-scale cases include:

Location Time Period Perpetrators Victims
North and Central America 1492-1530 European invaders over 20 million Native Americans
modern-day Congo 1880-1920 Belgium colonialists over 10 million Congolese
modern-day Turkey 1915-1922 Young Turk government over 1.5 million Armenians and Greeks
Eastern Europe 1932-1945 Nazis over 11 million -- Jews (6 million), Roma, Poles, homosexuals, Communists, and others
Tibet 1951-1979 Chinese government over 1.2 million Tibetans

Many other genocides are listed and described on Wikipedia.org's page Genocides in History. There have been efforts to deny or minimize each of these genocides, but only the denial of the Holocaust of the Jews has been mixed with claims of insider involvement in the 9/11/01 attacks. This may reflect a combination of factors, including anti-Semitism, and suspicions that Israel was involved in the attack.

As the author of OilEmpire.us points out, people may mix Holocaust denial with challenges to the official account of 9/11 out of ignorance, but the result is to discredit these challenges.

e x c e r p t
title: 'No Planes on 9/11 and No Gas Chambers in the Holocaust'
authors: Mark Robinowitz
The 9/11 truth movement has attracted a lot of people who want to be instant experts. Some crave public recognition. Others, no doubt, have their unique psychological reasons, some good, some not so good. But those who make very bold conclusions while being ignorant of most of the available evidence run the risk of "foot in mouth" disease, and worse, their antics can rub off on the rest of us, especially if they seek to connect neo-Nazi pseudo historians and 9/11 truth activists in common cause.

Due to these (and other) efforts to link 9/11 skeptics with Holocaust denial, there are a fair number of citizens who think that 9/11 investigation is really all about blaming "the Jews" for the atrocity, both from those who want to blame the "jews" and those who think that 9/11 investigation is anti-semitism.

Not all "conspiracy theories" are true - some are blatant revisions of history to snare the gullible or those who let their anger get in the way of the facts.

The 9/11 truth movement should not be co-opted by those who want to pretend that one of the greatest crimes in history was oversold by Jews in order to justify a land grab in Palestine.

It would not be surprising if many of the voices most loudly advocating Holocaust Denial were "false flag" operatives of the Israeli government - since the fact that some crazy people promote these lies makes it more difficult to find political space to criticize Israeli human rights abuses (even though the two issues are quite separate).

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In an article featured by Serendipity.li the names of Jews are labelled with icons resembling the patches that Jews in Nazi Germany were required to wear.