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Dissembling Books

Like websites and videos, books are an effective medium for disseminating ideas. Thus, it would be surprising if books were not also employed to discredit challenges to the official story through the Trojan horse method. Since books tend to appeal to a more literate and discerning audience than videos, it would make sense that books designed to sabotage truth exposure by muddying the waters would take a more subtle approach than videos like In Plane Site. This appears to be the case.

9/11 Revealed

In August of 2005, the book 9/11 Revealed appeared on the shelves of bookstores in the U.S. Its authors are Rowland Morgan, a former columnist for the mainstream publications the Independent on Sunday and the Guardian, and Ian Henshall, the creator of the website 911dossier.co.uk. In November of 2005, 9-11 Research published a detailed critique of the book, having the following conclusions:

e x c e r p t
title: Revealed OR Concealed
authors: Victoria Ashley and Jim Hoffman


9/11 Revealed is a kind of print version of the website 911Dossier.co.uk: a site that does not scream "Disinformation!" but nonetheless promotes numerous hoaxes and deflects attention away from evidence that proves official complicity in the attack. Readers who have not researched the attack will probably overlook the book's critical omissions, such as its avoidance of the direct evidence of controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7. Also, such readers may be unaware that the very hoaxes promoted by the book have long been used to marginalize the 9/11 Truth Movement.

While pretending to reveal, the book subtly reinforces the official story in numerous ways. It states up front that the official story may be true, and then pretends to expose problems in it while surreptitiously undermining those criticisms with numerous hoaxes, poison pills, straw man arguments, and strategically avoided evidence.

9/11 Revealed gives the appearance of covering the broad range of issues raised by independent researchers of the attack. However, the book appears crafted to avoid, misrepresent, muddle or discredit all of the evidence that most decisively implicates insiders in the planning and execution of the attack. Borrowing from the 911Research critique, we summarize the books' treatment of several major issues.

  • The lack of military response: 9/11 Revealed provides a muddled account of the air defense failures and follows it with the disclosure of only one of the multiple war games in play on 9/11/01. It uses that exercise to make the incompetence theory seem plausible.
  • The strike of the Pentagon's west wing: 9/11 Revealed discloses that the mostly unoccupied section of the building was struck, but avoids mentioning the apparent targeting of the Office of Naval Intelligence, and eclipses the issue of location with its extended promotion of the no-jetliner theory.
  • The explosive destruction of the Twin Towers: 9/11 Revealed introduces the idea of controlled demolition as an "add-on" theory, compatible with the view that the attacks were allowed to happen, and then suggests that the buildings may have been rigged as a "legitimate" precaution to save lives and property. The book casts the issue of demolition as something only experts can understand, avoiding the visual evidence and common-sense arguments for controlled demolition, such as comparisons to conventional demolitions. It fails to note how thoroughly the Towers' were pulverized and shredded, and avoids the issue of the toxic legacy of the Towers' destruction.
  • The shoot-down of Flight 93: 9/11 Revealed avoids most of the shoot-down evidence, mis-states what little it discloses, and sandwiches it between two hoaxes -- the Cleveland airport mystery and the suggestion that no plane crashed at the site in Shanksville, PA.

Thierry Meyssan's Big Lie

In 2002 Thierry Meyssan, described on voltairenet.org as "Journalist and writer, president of the Voltaire Network" published 9/11 The Big Lie. In it, Meyssan showcases his theory that the Pentagon was not attacked with a jetliner, but was damaged by a truck bomb. The book was translated into at least 25 different languages, and expertly marketed. According to USA Books, it sold a half a million copies. 1  

Meyssan followed 9/11 The Big Lie with Le Pentagate, in which he proposed that the Pentagon was hit with a missile. Among its fallacies of evidence and logic, Le Pentagate highlighted a set of leaked frames of Pentagon CCTV video to support the missile theory, without even questioning the veracity of the images.

Meyssan's books contain a good deal of analysis about who had the means and motive to commit the attack, but their treatment of the attack itself focuses exclusively on promoting the idea that the Pentagon crash did not involve a jetliner. Because this idea is almost certainly false, it undermines the books' conclusion that the attack was an inside job. The effective marketing of Meyssan's books assured that the no-Boeing theory would be the first alternative theory of the attack that most people would encounter, and hence the one that they would associate with questioning of the official story.


1. Crackpots of the World, Unite, holtuncensored.com,

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If the intent of 9/11 Revealed is to muddy the waters of the 9/11 investigation by trotting out hoaxes and avoiding and muddling the most compelling evidence, then its cover could hardly be more appropriate.
In 2002, Thierry Meysann's book, 9/11 The big lie, succeeded in identifying challenges to the official story with a single theory -- that the Pentagon was hit by a missile instead of a jetliner.
Meyssan's book was printed in at least 25 different languages and effectively marketed around the world.