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The 9/11 Shell Game

The truth of the 9/11/01 attack is hidden behind several counter-legends that are played off against each other. Chaim Kupferberg describes how the official 9/11 Legend is woven from a number of parallel counter-legends each of which could be played to different audiences for desired effects.

e x c e r p t
title: Stacking The Patsies of 9/11
authors: Chaim Kupferberg
In perhaps the most controversial segment of his landmark article, Chaim Kupferberg argues that, in addition to the "Official" 9/11 Legend, a number of counter-legends were built in so as to generate false leads and to take the emphasis away from the most likely instigators. Plus: An all-new section on former CIA agent Robert Baer and Daniel Pearl.

The events of September 11 gave birth to three parallel threads - or counter-legends - pointing the way to the culpability of three possible foreign suspects, or patsies - namely, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Israel. Of the three, the Saudis were the patsies of choice for the mainstream "critics", who were a motley assortment of neo-cons, FBI investigators, or "retired" national security types opposed to the war in Iraq. The Pakistan/ISI thread to 9/11 flared up most noticeably in the events surrounding the death of Daniel Pearl and the alleged involvement of Omar Saeed Sheikh - events which were used, in fact, to smother the Pakistani/ISI connection to the 9/11 money trail. As regards Israel, the most radical opponents of the War On Terror were nursed on the twin threads of an Israeli spy ring and a neo-con cabal supposedly at the helm of the Bush Administration.

A similar strategy of playing off counter-legends is evident in the promotion of the numerous demonstrably false ideas packaged as 9/11 Truth, and frequently embraced by sincere researchers. The many competing theories sustain endless debates that go nowhere serving to obfuscate the crime and providing easy targets for ridicule by the corporate press.

The Shell Game by Steve Alten

In 2008 a fictional book named The Shell Game became the darling of many in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

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