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WTC Demolition Errors

That the Twin Towers and Building 7 were destroyed through controlled demolition is indicated by the fact that all three buildings fell straight down, maintaining symmetry about their vertical axes as they plunged at nearly free-fall rates. These and other features of the destruction of the WTC skyscrapers are the basis for numerous persuasive arguments for controlled demolition.

Unfortunately, many have seized on erroneous or dubious assertions as evidence of demolition, diverting attention from the most persuasive and irrefutable evidence. Seven such assertions about the Twin Towers are:

There are fewer errors swirling around the demolition of WTC 7, and only one that has risen to prominence:

There are also false claims about events at other buildings at the World Trade Center -- particularly WTC 6:

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The North Tower's desruction remained symmetric as it proceeded down the building -- one of several obvious features of controlled demolition that false claims have the effect of concealing.